Selfie League is GO!

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Fall leagues

The Louisville Pinball League is going to start up soon! Check out the details on the league page.

If you’re on a tight scheudle, we will also be running a “selfie league” in September. More details about that will be coming soon.

Pinburgh and Main St. Mayhem

A handfull of players from Louisville will be attending ReplayFX and playing in Pinburgh. In September, we will also send a few people to play in Main St. Mayhem. Pinburgh is already sold out, but if you wnat to get your match play fix in, buy a ticket to Main St. Mayhem!

Facebook Group

Join the Louisville Pinball Facebook Group to keep updated on tournaments and leagues. Speaking of leagues, the next league will be a team based league and starts on August 5th.

PinGolf on July 10th

No spikes allowed on this course! We will have a pingolf tournament on Sunday July 10th. Nine machines will have target scores you’ll have to reach in as few balls as possible. If you’re not a early afternoon person, you can stop by anytime before 3pm and try to qualify. You can also “take a mulligan” and try the course again, lets hope your score is lower than your first.

New Tuesday tournament

There has always been people sad that they couldn’t get to the 10pm tournament, because they don’t want to stay up until 1am on a Tuesday. Now, there’s a 7pm tournament. Still just $5, still double elimination. If you’re a night owl, we still have the 10pm tournamnet. It’s called the 2nd chance. Check out the schedule on the tournaments page.

May's Monthly Tournament: Pingolf

Instead of getting the highest score, for May’s monthly tournament, you’re going for the lowest score. Pingolf is a pinball format that has players trying to get to a target score in as few balls as possible. The person with the fewest amount of “strokes” is the winner. Check out the full rules on the tournaments page.

PAPA league page

The awesome people at PAPA have entered the Louisville Pinball League into their tracking software. Check it out here

Tournament this Sunday

More tournaments have been added, so check the tournament page. League has started up. What was once the Rogue League is now the Louisville Pinball League. Don’t worry, the Rogue League will be back soon, with something exciting.

Back from Vegas

A big congratulations to Drew Donohue for making a great showing at IFPA Nationals and the IFPA Pin Masters tournament in Las Vegas. Also, thank you to Josh Sharpe for organizing a smooth tournament.

Keep checking the local tournaments page. Play in enough of those, and you might be going to Nationals next year!

Be sure to also come out on April 8th, and sign up for the Louisville Pinball League!